The 2022 Club Road Championship.


Race 1

Sunday 21st May 2022

Blackpool Promenade 10 Miler


Race 2

Friday 17th June 2022

** Barrowford 5k


Race 3

Sunday 10th July 2022

** Towneley 10k


Race 4 

Saturday 13th August 2022

Run The Lights 10k


Race 5

Sunday 18th September 2022

** Fairhaven Flyer


** indicates race that counts for the LV65 and MV70 and older category awards.

There are seperate compeitions for the Ladies and Men. Points are awarded in each race as follows.

1st Clayton Lady 50 points, 2nd Clayton Lady 49 points, etc.

1st Clayton Man 50 points, 2nd Clayton Man 49 points, etc.


Gareth Berry at the 2019 Ribble Valley 10k. Photo David Belshaw

Gareth Berry at the 2018 Ribble Valley 10k. Photo David Belshaw.

The points from a member’s best three races are added together to determine the final rankings for Ladies and Men. To be given a final ranking it is necessary to have completed at least three races. The Ladies’ Champion holds the Lady Road Champion Cup, and the Men’s Champion holds the Men’s Road Champion Cup. Awards for 2nd and 3rd positions are also made to Ladies and Men.

Veteran (10 year categories commencing at age 35 for ladies and at age 40 for men), U20 and U23 awards are also available; the number of awards made depends on the number of members completing the competition in each age category. For the LV65, MV70 and older categories awards are based on the best two out of the three races indicated by ** above. Age category is determined by age as at the date of the first race. Awards in a particular age category are only made to members in that age category;  members in other age categories are not eligible.

Here are the results of the Club Road Championships

Men 2021

Ladies 2021

2019201820172016 and 2015. Due to Covid there was no Championships in 2020.